We offer superb bow-hunting opportunities with Bow Only areas. Bow hunting has become very popular in Africa and bow hunters are easily accommodated at our concessions. With Professional hunters who specialize in Bow Hunting, and avid bow hunter them self�s, you can be sure of their expertise. You will be hunting out of pit blinds, tree stands or on foot. Bow hunters may bring their own equipment and do not need any import permits. Every hunt is tailor made to suit your requirements. The best time for Bow Hunting is in July, August and September. This is our driest month, and game will be more concentrated around water holes. Remember to keep the moon phase in mind, when booking a hunt. The darker the moon, the better the hunting. Game will be less active at night and more active during daytime hours.

Hunts vary from 7-21 day Safaris, but we recommend a 10 day safari, as we have found that a 10 day Safari is very popular. This will allow for enough hunting days and to be a bit more selective on the trophies that the hunter wishes to go after.


Before coming to Africa, archers must know their capabilities and should at least be able to shoot from either the sitting or standing positions. Shots can vary from 10-40 yards. It is essential that archers also practice shooting through a relatively small hole from inside a blind as shooting through such as small hole in an enclosure can be distracting. Furthermore, archers should know the anatomy of African game as shot placement is everything. Often the hart-lung area is situated much lower and further forward than in game animals of other parts of the world.


A good quality 50lbs bow with which you are familiar with is recommended and with good quality Broad heads. As it is often very dark inside blinds, you may have difficulty in seeing your sight pins. Lighted sight pins are therefore a must when hunting from inside a blind. A laser rangefinder is also recommended.